Roll Up Ground Cover


Prepared for all your outdoor adventures this summer with June's DIY of the Month: Roll Up Ground Cover. This practical make can be used for picnics, camping or trips to the beach.

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What you need:

  • 161” (410cm) Outdoor Fabric.
  • 165” (420cm) Craft Cotton Fabric
    Note: For large printed fabric patterns add 20” (50cm).
  • 335” (850cm) Outdoor Double Foldover Trim
  • Thread (Upholstery Outdoor thread optional)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Rotary cutter (optional)
  • Ruler and Measuring Tape
  • Rotary Blade or Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Universal 100/16 needle
  • Tailor's Chalk

Tips before you start

  • Press using a pressing cloth to prevent damaging your fabric. Test your iron settings on a scrap piece of fabric before you start your project.
  • Use a scrap piece of fabric to practice sewing with on your sewing machine. Adjust the tension and thread length to what works best with your fabric. Try lowering the thread tension or trying a different needle if your fabric is puckering or stitches are skipping.
  • Adding iron-on appliqués as decoration is optional.
  • For this project you will need to sew fabric with prints together. Extra fabric has already been calculated. Note: For large printed fabric patterns add an extra 20” (50cm).
  • Outdoor thread is thick. Be mindful of the thickness when sewing the Outdoor Double Foldover Trim as mistakes will be noticeable.
  • To sew on the Outdoor Double Foldover Trim you will need to zigzag stitch over a 79” (200cm) distance 4 times (1 time for each side). Prepare an extra bobbin or two.

Fabric Recommendations

Pick out your favourite coordinating Fabricland Outdoor Double Foldover Trim and Outdoor & Craft Cotton Fabric.



Step 1: Pre-wash fabric

Pre-wash craft cotton fabric
Note: Natural fibres are likely to shrink when washed.
For Best Results: Do not wash or iron the outdoor fabric.


Step 2: Cut fabric length in half

Cut the cotton fabric length in half. Each piece should measure W 44” (110cm) x L 83” (210cm). Pieces A and B.


Step 3: Attach Pieces A and B

TIP: Before starting this step, keep the fabric’s printed design in mind. When attaching pieces match the printed design evenly. There is 4” (10cm) excess added to the length on both pieces to assist with shifting the length to match it up.

Note: The excess can be smaller than 4” (10cm) on each piece because of shrinking, but most patterns will fit within 2” (5cm) excess.

Lay pieces A and B flat with right sides together. Pin and sew one side of the lengths of pieces A and B together with a 5/8” (1.6cm) seam allowance.


Step 4: Press the seam

Press the seam flat with a hot iron. Make sure that the seam allowances are together facing the same side and not pressed to separate.


Step 5: Outdoor fabric

Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the outdoor fabric.


Step 6: Sew seam allowances together

Match both fabric’s seam allowance together so the raw edges are facing the same way. Sew the centre seam allowances of each fabric together to keep the fabric from shifting. This stitch should be .4” (1cm) from the 5/8” (1.6cm) seam allowance.


Step 7: Cut fabric into a square

Lay fabric flat, wrong sides together, and cut the fabric into a square measuring x 79” (200cm). The seam should be in the middle.

For Best Results: Use a ruler to measure, tailor’s chalk to mark and a rotary blade to cut.


Step 8: Make the strap

a. To make the strap, cut 2 strips of fabric measuring 3” x 24” (8cm x 60cm).

b. Fold the 3” (8cm) in half and sew 5/8” (1.6cm) along the 24” (60cm) length. Then sew across the width of one end for each piece.

c. Turn fabric inside out, wrong sides together.

Note: Trimming the seam allowance can help when turning the strap inside out.


Step 9: Sew to secure the strap

At 20” (50cm) in from a corner edge, pin the raw ends of the 2 strips together at the edge of the fabric so they lie flat into the blanket leaving the finished edges facing the centre of the fabric. Stitch ¼” (.6cm) and back stitch 3 times over the strips to secure and add strength for when the strap is tied. The Outdoor Double Foldover will lay over the strap.


Step 10: Add Outdoor Double Foldover

Pin in place and zigzag stitch the Outdoor Double Foldover around the edges to complete.

Note: For a mitred corner hack, click here to check out the video available on our website.

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