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Sewciety FAQ

Visit your local Fabricland store and speak with a team member to purchase your Sewciety® membership.

Fabricland Sewciety®️ membership card is accepted at all Fabricland locations. Fabricland Sewciety®️ membership is not applicable for any online purchases.

Your actual, valid, physical membership card must be presented to receive the applicable Sewciety® Members’ benefits.

Your Fabricland Sewciety®️ membership card can only be renewed in person at one of our store locations.

Your Fabricland Sewciety®️ membership card is non-transferable and cannot be shared with, transferred or sold to, any other person.

We regret that Fabricland cannot be responsible for lost or stolen cards and the purchase of a new card will be required.

Your membership card is valid from date of issue to the last day of the twelfth consecutive month. Membership cards are non-refundable. If you no longer want to be a member simply stop using your card and it will expire at the predetermined expiry date.

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