DIY  / No-Sew Felt Mask

Let imaginations run wild with these cute felt deer, fox and raccoon mask patterns. No sewing required!

Materials needed for felt mask DIY project

Step 1:

Cut out all the shapes from the pattern. Pin your paper outlines to the appropriate colour felt and cut around.

Closeup of cutting patterns and fabric for deer felt mask

Step 2:

Layer and glue the pieces of felt on top of one another. Using the picture reference as a guide.

Closeup of glueing felt pieces for mask details on the deer felt mask

Step 3:

To tie the mask, you will need to measure out approximately two 15” pieces of ribbon. Glue each piece (on the back side) near the edge of the mask, around where the middle of the eye cut outs are. Once all your glue has dried, try your new felt mask on! If the ribbon is too long after tying a bow, cut off any excess.

Closeup of ribbon being attached to the deer felt mask
Closeup of deer, fox and raccoon masks

Download Patterns + Instructional PDF Here



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