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Embroidery Scissors

Collection of embroidery scissors

Embroidery scissors are great for any type of delicate sewing. They make fine, precise cuts allowing you to easily snip single threads while doing needlework.

Thread Snips

Collection of thread snips

These small, spring action scissors are handy for sewing, knitting and other crafting. Great for snipping threads and yarn and notching fabric.


Collection of Clauss scissors

Clauss scissors are made from Titanium bonded steel for strength, durability and sharpness. Available in many varieties, including embroidery scissors, thread snips, and shears.

Sewing and Craft Scissors

Collection of sewing and craft scissors

A great selection of basic scissors for all your sewing, knitting and crafting needs.

Pinking Shears

Collection of pinking shears

Ultra Sharp 9” Pinking Shears have a serrated blade which keeps fabric from fraying after cutting. Pinking Shears are also available in this 3pc Scissor Set.

Scissor Sets

Collection of scissor sets

Fabricland carries a wide variety of scissor sets, ranging from Sewing and Craft scissor sets, Ultra Sharp Spring Tension scissors and Gift sets with high quality embroidery scissors.

Children’s and Novelty Scissors

Collection of children & novelty scissors

Keep kids safe with a 2pc set of children's scissors. Other fun scissors can be found in-store.