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Sleeve Ironing Board & Cover

Sleeve ironing board with 100% cotton sleeve board cover

This ironing board is ideal for sleeves and other small items. A 100% Cotton sleeve board cover is sold separetely.

Ironing Blankets and Mats

Ironing blanket on top of washing machine

Ironing blankets are great for travel. Foldable and easy to pack with. Ironing mats are great for small spaces, with strong magnets to hold the mat in place while ironing on the surface of your washing machine. Both are made with heat reflective backings to reflect the heat from the iron back to the clothing.

Ironing Blanket:

71cm x 56cm

Magnetic Ironing Mat:

81cm x 48.5cm

Sewing Table Assistant

Sewing machine on top of table assistant

The Sewing Table Assistant is a great tool to cover your sewing table with. Made of cotton with printed 1” grid with heat reflective batting. Includes pockets for holding notions and removable scrap pocket.

Sizes Available:

50.8cm x 96.5cm

Grid Ironing Board Cover

Grid ironing board cover covering on ironing board

100% Cotton ironing board cover has multiple printed markings to help with your sewing and pressing. Markings: 1” grid, bias lines and circles.

Sizes Available:

137.2cm x 38.1cm

Pressing Accessories

Pressing Cloths, Best Press Spray Starch & Iron Aprons laid out

Also available are Pressing Mitts, Pressing Cloths, Best Press Spray Starch, and Iron Aprons for all ironing needs.