How To Hand Sew a Button

Coat & jacket weather is almost here, and you just realized you have some outerwear that needs a button replaced. With this quick hand sewing for beginners guide to sewing on a button by hand, we empower you to repair your fashion like a pro!

Step 1: Thread your needle

A 24” (61 cm) length of thread per button is recommended to hand sew a single button. For strength, pull the thread through the needle, so your thread strand is doubled, and form a knot at the end of the threads.

Check out our video on how to tie a knot for hand sewing.

Step 2: Form an X

From the back side, pass the needle through the fabric to the front, then through the front to the back. Do this repeatedly until an X shape is formed.

Step 3: Use the X as a guide

Position the button on top of the X, with an additional needle placed on top of the button. This needle helps with tension when creating the shank.

Step 4: Affix the button

Use the same movement that was used to form the X. Pierce the threaded needle through the back of the fabric and up through the first buttonhole, then over the additional needle and down through the second buttonhole.

Step 5: Stabilize button

Hold the button and additional needle in position for the first passes. After, the additional needle should be held by the thread. Continue piercing front to back, back to front through button holes six times.

Step 6: Form the shank

Remove the additional needle and pull the sewing needle through from the wrong side of the fabric to the front, just under the button. To form the shank, wrap the needle around the thread under the button six times. Pull the needle through the fabric to the wrong side and make two knots to secure the thread.

Heave the needle between the threads in the back and then hoist it through the loop that was formed to create a knot. Repeat this twice and make sure that the thread has been pulled tightly. Cut off excess thread to complete!



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