Fleece Overhand Fringe

An Overhand Fringe creates an intricate edge finish for your next cozy bonfire night fleece blanket.

For this beginner-level, no-sew project, you will need a ruler & scissors (or a rotary cutter & cutting mat).

  • Place the wrong sides of 2 fleece fabrics together.
  • Lay a ruler on the fabric 6” (15.25cm) parallel to the edge.
  • Cut strips 1/2” (1.3cm) wide and 6” (15.25cm) deep toward the ruler along the edge of the fabric.
  • Wrap the top & bottom strips around your finger to make a loop and pull the ends of the fleece strips through the loop.
  • Shift the knot to the top of where the fabric is cut by rolling the knot up with one hand and pulling on the ends with your other hand.

NOTE: Pulling on the width of the fleece will reduce puckers.

OPTIONAL: You can also try a chunky look by cutting the fabric width 1” (2.5cm) and 4” (10.2cm) deep.

Congratulations, you can now make the Overhand Knot Fringe!



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