About Fabricland

Fabricland is a retail company committed to providing everything a sewist, designer or crafter needs for their creative projects. We work with you to help make your DIY dreams come true – whether it be an outfit, a quilt or a home design project.

The Fabricland Group of Companies is a proudly Canadian & independent family-run business with over 100 stores, employing over 2000 people across the country.


The Memorable Jingle

If you ask anyone, “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think Fabricland?” they will most likely mention our jingle.

The Fabricland jingle is almost a pop cultural phenomenon and living proof of how brands can become remarkable across generations with a catchy song in their advertising.

Our journey over the decades



The journey started when Fabricland opened its first store in 1968 at Queen and Roncesvalles in Toronto. It was a small store that carried the most popular fabrics of the day, mainly crimplene knits.


Head Office opens in the heart of the Design District in Toronto and business expands to other provinces.



In the 80s, Fabricland created one of the most memorable and catchiest jingles in Canadian Pop Culture.


In 1993, Fabricland introduced an exclusive drapery department in many stores, known as the Home Dec Centre.



Fabricland celebrates its 50th birthday!

Fabricland for the future
Fabricland plays an essential role in the Fashion & Design Industry in Canada. In the 60’s and 70’s, sewing was one of the primary ways of getting new clothes. As the clothing industry started to develop worldwide, the sewing industry began to transform into a niche business.

In the last decade, there has been a noticeable shift in why people sew. The “maker culture” means to reignite the artisan spirit through DIYs motivated by emotional drivers, such as self-expression, the sense of personal accomplishment, the creation of meaningful custom-made pieces, and the overall exercise of creativity & improving mental health.

There are many groups that sew & craft regularly: small business owners, cosplayers, home décor designers, wardrobe production companies for the increasing TV/movie industry in Canada.

Fabricland is part of the Canadian fashion industry’s history but also part of its future.
Fab Facts about Fabricland
  • Canada's Largest Fashion Fabric Distributor
  • 100+ Locations Nationwide
  • All Sewing Products Under One Roof
  • From Coast to Coast
  • 2000+ Employees Nationwide


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